YL-3-3L Multiple Spindle Oscillation Mortiser Featured

Model YL-3-3L
Numbers of carriage 3軸 
Numbers of spindle 5軸 
Max. mortise width 100 mm 
Max. mortise depth 50 mm 
Cutter diameter Ø6~Ø25 mm
Cutter shank diameter Ø16 mm
Distance between spindles 45~760 mm 
Oscillation speed (2 speeds) 190 strokes
Spindle speeds 4500~9000 rpm
Tilted mortise angle 10°x1 / 20°x2
Spindle motor 3 HP
Oscillation drive motor 1.5 HP 
Total horsepower 7.5 HP
Working air pressure 6 BAR 
Dust hood outlet diameter Ø2-1/2"x2 / Ø4"x1
Net weight / Gross weight 1000 / 1200 kgs
Machine dimensions 1450×1650×1400 mm

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