YL-3600TM Sliding Table Saw Featured

Cutting width  1300mm 
Sliding table dimension 380x3200mm
Length of cut 3200mm
Sawblade  Max. Ø350mm 
Sawblade Bore  Ø30(or Ø25.4)mm
Depth of cut of 90° 100mm 
Depth of cut of 45° 70mm 
Motor Power  7.5HP(option 10HP)
Spindle speed  3000/4000/5000/6000R.P.M. 
Tilting saw blade  0-45° 
Sawblade  Ø120mm 
Sawblade Bore  Ø22mm 
Motor power  1 HP 
Spindle speed  8000R.P.M. 
Tilting saw blade  0-45°  
Cutting width 1000(option 1300,1500)mm





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