YL-1162S/YL-1136S / YL-1128S Copy Shaper Featured

MODEL YL-1162S YL-1136S YL-1128S
Range of cutting diameter 10"-62" 4"-36" 4"-28"
Range of sanding diameter 16"-62" 8"-36" 6"-28"
Maximum rectangular cutting(2:1) 55.2"x27.6" 32"x16" 25"x12.5" 
Table diameter 46" 26" 18"
Table rotation speed(infinitely variable) 1-3RPM 1.5-4RPM 1.5-4RPM
Spindle speed 9000RPM 8000RPM 8000RPM
Spindle diameter(interchangeable) 1",30mm,1-1/4"  (one dia funished) 1",30mm,1-1/4"  (one dia funished) 1",30mm,1-1/4"  (one dia funished)
Cutter size 100mm 100mm 100mm
Follower roller diameter 100mm 100mm 100mm
Table drive motor 2HP 1HP 1HP
Spindle drive motor 10HPx1 7-1/2HP 7-1/2HP
Spindle belt size 5"x71" 5"x71" 5"x71"
N.W/G.W 1500/1970 kgs 970/1220 kgs 840/1050 kgs

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