YL-21T / YL-27T / YL-35T Single Unit Boring Machine Featured

 Model YL-21T YL-27T YL-35T
Max. distance between center  32mm  32mm  32mm 
Number of spindle per boring head 21 27 35
Max. drilling depth 80mm  80mm  80mm 
Max. height of bore  65mm  65mm  65mm 
Table size 872×490mm  1070×490mm  1325×490mm 
Spindle speed 2800R.P.M.  2800R.P.M.  2800R.P.M. 
Motor   2.5HP  2.5HP  2.5HP×2  
N.W./G.W. 350 / 430kgs  400 / 480kgs 550 / 680kgs
Machine size 968×820×1220mm   1220×820×1370mm    1470×820×1250mm   
Packing size 1143×889×1372mm    1270×889×1372mm    1550×889×1372mm   

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